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Facilitating solutions for independence within your functional capacity

Occupational Therapy

“Our Occupational Therapists work with adults with complex physical disabilities and mild-moderate psychosocial/ cognitive disabilities, equipping them and their support network with solutions and skills to achieve a more independent lifestyle in a neuro-affirming environment.”


Our male and female team of Occupational Therapists can support you with evidence and recommendations based on your functional capacity for plan reviews, assist you with equipment prescription, implement skills development strategies and empower you to live your life beyond barriers.

With 4 accredited Home Modification assessors and a solid understanding of working in the housing (and SDA) space, we can walk you through your options and assist you with reaching those milestones you want to achieve sooner!


Functional capacity assessment

A thorough assessment and report about the impact of your condition/ disability on the achievement of your goals, recommendations for assistive technology, complex formal support table outlining in specific detail the formal support hours (e.g. SIL) you require in 24 hours over the course of the week, therapy and housing recommendations.

The OT written report also includes an AMPS assessment, which provides concrete evidence into why you may require support for certain activities and processes throughout your day.

Complex Home modifications

We boast 4 accredited ‘home mods qualified’ OT’s in CPPACC5016 CPPACC4020 who are expertly equipped in making your home more accessible to achieve a more independent form of living.

Assistive technology ‘AT’ scripting

We work with local suppliers to script a broad range of equipment from simple low/cost low/risk AT to custom scripted wheelchairs, custom made hoist slings and many items in between!

SDA and housing eligibility assessments

Our OT’s can undertake a comprehensive housing needs assessment to provide evidence into whether you are SDA eligible and what the most appropriate housing option may be for your situation if your current housing circumstances are no longer appropriate.

In home therapy

Our occupational therapists can come to you in your home, workplace, day option venue – or a place in the community to provide you with capacity building therapies.

We may be assisting you to develop or re-learn skills, reintegrate you into your home or local community after a change in circumstance or simply work towards independence at the everyday skills in life.

Our scope although is largely based with those who require physical supports, also includes specialty services to support neurological, CNS (brain/ spinal) needs, amputees and those with psychosocial support needs.

Therapy Assistants

Our level 2 therapy assistants are in their 3rd or 4th year in their relevant degree (physiotherapy/ OT) or hold a Certificate 4 in Allied Health Assistance and work under the direct direction of the treating therapist in between your therapy sessions.

With their higher level of skill, therapy assistants can provide a more tailored approach for more complex support needs than what might otherwise be provided by a support worker following a therapy plan.


“Occupational Therapy is the profession that facilitates solutions for independence within your functional capacity”