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NDIS Access Request


“An NDIS Access Request is the term that is used when an Australian with a disability is wishing to seek support in accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Our team at Equipt To Thrive are able to assist with the assessment and documentation required to show evidence of eligibility, should you meet the strict criteria.”

ndis access request

How do I apply to become an NDIS Participant?

The NDIS have a form that you are able to fill out called an ‘Access Request Form’, which in a basic format outlines your personal details, your eligibility to enter the scheme, your diagnosis and a little bit about your needs.

Our role as allied health practitioners, is to do a modified Functional Capacity Assessment to provide greater evidence on the IMPACT of your disability on your day to day function across 6 different domains, to show the NDIA an outline of what support you may require from the NDIS.

We can then provide you with information on where to fill in the Access Request form, or provide you with local contacts who can assist you through this process (disability advocates, Local Area Coordinators). Once submitted, you will receive communication about the outcome from the NDIA. 

What happens if I am successful?

If you are successful with your request, you will go through a process with the NDIA and receive your first plan, where there will be funding available to do a more thorough Functional Capacity Assessment to develop a long term NDIS plan that is reflective of your day to day needs.

Can the Australian Government pay for an Access Request Assessment?

The NDIA will not fund these assessments, but you may be eligible to use Medicare funding for the face to face portion of the assessment and/or private health rebates.

What is the cost of our service for an NDIS Access Request?

We understand that this is an out of pocket expense, so we keep costs to minimum and do a modified Functional Capacity Assessment to demonstrate your eligibility to the scheme. Then, once you are a participant, if you wish to still work with us, we then do a more in depth assessment that is funded by the NDIS to evidence the need for a long term NDIS plan.

The cost for the assessment in your home plus all travel within 1 hour of our practice or the therapist’s last appointment and documentation is $1350 inc GST’. 


“At EquipT To Thrive, our main objective is to EMPOWER people with the ‘biomechanical tools’ and equipment to live a more independent quality of life.”