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Learn about our history, our vision & our team

Our History

Founded in 1996, ‘EquipT To Thrive’ traded as ‘Safe Work Practice’ until 2021 when we decided to rebrand some of our services to better reflect our vision.

Our team have always provided a mobile-based service in the community and continue to find that this approach is more specific to successfully achieve personal goals.

“At EquipT To Thrive, our main objective is to EMPOWER people with the ‘biomechanical tools’ and equipment to live a more independent quality of life.”

Our Vision

Our primary principle of practice is to utilise natural biomechanics to maintain their independence and discover how to work your body with in your capacity to achieve independent functional outcomes. EquipT To Thrive specialises in supporting adults with complex physical disabilities to overcome the barriers and the stigma with ‘disability’, ‘inability’ or ‘injury’ and support you to rediscover a different approach to life to equip you to regain control and choice over how you live it!

Our Team

We have a mobile allied health and nursing team of very specialised physiotherapists, occupational therapists, therapy assistants, enrolled and registered nurses; whom have completed a wealth of additional training and have a diverse lived experience in the field.

Our team boasts both culture and gender diversity, each member with their own specialty of practice, including accreditation in Complex Home Modification, AMPS, Manutention, FIM and MAT assessment.

Our senior team are at the forefront of our team and will spend the time discussing your needs and options before any services are suggested. They are a familiar point of call during any point of your relationship with us and oversee your holistic supports within our team. They are also there to provide additional support through more stressful experiences such as plan reviews and AAT hearings.