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Frequently Asked questions

Are we NDIS registered?

Yes we are NDIS registered for therapeutic supports, community nursing and exercise physiology/personal training and can support those whose funds are NDIA managed.

Are you ‘equipped’ with the knowledge of the NDIS framework?

We have supported our clients with plan reviews (including change of circumstances, S100), AT, SDA and CHM applications, functional capacity assessments to secure therapy and support hours … and even the difficult process justifying the evidence required at AAT hearings.

Although the ‘goalposts’ change, we network regularly and stay on top of the latest information as it comes to hand.

Can you come to me? Do I come to you?
We are a mobile allied health provider.

This means we find that seeing you in your home, workplace or place of choice allows us to assess and support you in the environment that is relevant to your goals. It also allows us a greater understanding of your situation and makes it easier for you to access services.

We can offer some meeting based services within our Mawson Lakes office, but we are not equipped to provide therapy within our office space.

Do you have a culturally diverse team?
We sure do.

Although we are all Australian citizens and predominantly ‘born and bred’ in Australia, a select few of our workers are from culturally diverse backgrounds and better able to understand and connect with those who may struggle with the Australian culture.

We also work with TIS National and organise interpreter services upon request.

Do you have a mixed gender workforce?
We have both male and female physiotherapists and female occupational therapists, therapy assistants and nurses within our team.
Are the OT’s home modification qualified?
We boast 4 accredited ‘home mods qualified’ OT’s in CPPACC5016 CPPACC4020 who are expertly equipped in making your home more accessible to achieve a more independent form of living.
What screening processes do your workers have?
All of our staff hold relevant DCSI screening and the newer NDIS Worker Screening checks. Working in various settings, our staff also hold current Police Clearances.

Although we are not a paediatric service, our staff do hold a Working With Children Check as we often support older teens and our older customers often have children or grandchildren present at times of service delivery.

What is our COVID safe plan and how to we minimise the risk of COVID in our workplace?
A link to our COVID safe plan can be send upon request (as it changes so frequently).

All of our staff members are required to be double vaccinated with a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccination and many have recently received their booster shots.

Our staff wear PPE according to risk assessment, which typically includes wearing of an N95 or P2 mask, eye protection, gloves and a rigorous infection control process with any equipment brought into and our of your home.

Do I have to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to receive your services?
At present, we do not require whose whom we support to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as this is a personal choice, providing that the service occurs in your home and not in our office.

We lower our risk by following a strict ‘Pandemic Plan’, follow Public Health Orders, wear appropriate PPE and remain up to date with our vaccinations. We would be happy to provide you and your support team information on where to access information on Covid-19 vaccinations should you wish to receive one.

Do I have to wear a mask and can my therapist remove your mask if I am having trouble communicating with my therapist?
Although best practice is for both parties to wear a mask and social distance, sometimes social distancing isn’t possible due to the nature of work we do. Similarly, sometimes communication becomes challenging when the face is obscured.

It is your choice whether you wear a mask. Our therapists will always arrive with PPE and in the event it is requested to be removed, we kindly ask that you assist us with knowing some risks before the therapist removes their mask (e.g. the risk will be lower to both parties if vaccination status is known).

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